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For Honor Open Beta Runs From February 9 to 12

Ramiro Mantilla | 31 Января, 2017, 11:45

Ubisoft has already given us the opportunity to try out a lot of the multiplayer content we'll find in "For Honor", thanks to a recent closed beta.

However, not everyone was able to join in on the fun, those interested had to register their intent and then hope to be selected. Ubisoft will also be running a special live stream on February 7th featuring a 12 player competition with special celebrity guests that will also go into more detail about the Open Beta.

It seems that we will not have to wait long to jump back into the game as it has been revealed that For Honor open beta is scheduled to be held in February.

A newly leaked email reportedly confirms that Ubisoft are partnering up with Twitch to create some "cool new events" to help celebrate the game's launch. That is until Twitch sent out an email giving up the open beta dates to gamers online. This reward will consist in form of some objects of the game, 10 days of championship status and the emblem of the united factions.

While it is being classed as an open beta, a day one update is expected to remove some of the bugs, and looks for all intents and purposes a demo for the new title.

"For Honor" will officially arrive on February 14 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In For Honor, you get to play as a warrior under one of the game's three factions - The Legion, The Warborn, and The Chosen, which are composed of and represented by Knights, Vikings, and Samurai, respectively.