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Rainbow Six Siege Is Getting Loot Crates & Season Two Improvements

Rainbow Six Siege PS4 Play Station 4 1 Rainbow Six Siege Is Getting Loot Crates & Season Two Improvements
Ramiro Mantilla | 06 Febrero, 2017, 08:37

Along with the competition, the event is offering a deeper look at the upcoming "Operation Velvet Shell" content and will be offering spoils and previews steadily throughout the weekend. Rainbow Six Siege is also subject to a limited time 50 percent discount between now and Monday.

Here's another thing that "Rainbow Six Siege" enthusiasts would be glad to know about. The fun starts February 2 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, so gear up and get ready to breach. The PC version is available on Uplay and Steam. That number has increased since, and according to Ubisoft's Latin America Director Bertrand Chaverot, the game now has over thirteen million registered players and is doing quite well outside the United States, too. Among the expected news of hit registration updates and general bug fixes came more exciting revelations, like the fact that the Year Two DLC of Rainbow Six Siege will be receiving Alpha Packs, which function as a free loot crate system for Ubisoft's tactical e-sports title.

Ubisoft also laid special emphasis on creating destructible environments to make cover based combat scenarios appear even more challenging for the players.

Moreover, and as Bertrand told UOL Games, Rainbow Six: Siege had 5 million players in its first month.

Well, according to an interview with PC Gamer, that simply won't be happening. "Siege is its own game mode".

Operation Velvet Shell also delivers new weapons skins, an Elite set for Rook, and a number of UI and menu updates for Rainbow Six Siege. ou'll see this immediately in the Operation Velvet Shell update, when you can access menus while queueing for matches.

As with nearly every multiplayer FPS out there, Rainbow Six Siege has some issues with its hit registration and rubber banding and has done ever since it launched at the back end of 2015.

Console players must have Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus to take part.