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Elderly woman beaten in Atlanta Wal-Mart after confrontation in bread aisle

Great-grandmother repeatedly punched while inside Atlanta Walmart store Elderly woman beaten in Atlanta Wal-Mart after confrontation in bread aisle
Eleena Tovar | 08 Marcha, 2017, 10:58

An elderly woman was beaten in the face Sunday night in an apparent confrontation that occurred in the bread aisle of an Atlanta Wal-Mart.

McClung was in one of the store's mobility scooters when she accidentally ran into Alexa Venderburg with her scooter, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"I can only figure that she either was having a very bad day or she, unfortunately, didn't like white people because, you know, there's a whole lot of racial hatred in this country and it's insane", McClung said.

According to the police report, Venderburg punched the woman repeatedly in the face leaving her with a bloody nose and bruises.

"She said 'I'm trying to get some bread white [expletive],'" she said.

"You're the b****", she reportedly said to the older woman. "So, I said, 'No, you're the [expletive]'".

"God let her drop her phone in my buggy so they can find her because God don't like ugly, he sure don't", McClung said.

McClung also spoke to WSB-TV, another local news station, about the ordeal, saying, "I had my glasses on and she just kept socking me in the glasses and then she socked me in my mouth because my mouth is real sore".

But once the grandmother started screaming for help, Venderburg left the store.

Then she noticed an unfamiliar iPhone in her scooter's basket.

Police were able to unlock the phone and get her name and contact information. Police said that's when she reached for the employee's pocket but missed.

"We're disappointed a customer would treat another customer with such disrespect".