Jueves, 23 Marcha, 2017

Some Conservatives Are Coming Around On Health Care. Let's Help Them

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Cris De Lacerda | 20 Marcha, 2017, 22:57

The nonprofit Center on Budget and Policy Priorities showed Nebraskans would lose, on average, $4,200 per person in tax credits that make health coverage affordable under the current Affordable Care Act. They also believe it should be up to the states to decide whether or not to implement working requirements and asset tests for low-income people who seek to enroll. For example, a 60-year-old with $20,000 in annual income would receive nearly $10,000 in ACA subsidies compared to $4,000 from the Republican plan, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

In the individual health insurance market nationally, an average of one in three citizens was not covered for substance use services, and nearly one in five were not covered for mental health services.

"Health care in America needs a better reality that will improve affordability, access, quality of care and options", Zeldin said. Joe Holler, a vice president of the Illinois Hospital Association says the state has been low-balling its own Medicaid rates - how much the state pays doctors and hospitals when a recipient gets care - for years.

The proposal does have good news for younger and wealthier Americans, though. And older Americans earning $75,000 or even $100,000 a year would still be eligible for tax credits to offset insurance premiums on individual policies.

Under the GOP bill, more people would be eligible for federal assistance.

Yet the CBO's analysis found that under current ACA law that healthcare isn't broken and that most people with health insurance would be "largely insulated from increases in premiums" over the next 10 years. Among the many criticisms levied against the bill, some are concerned that it doesn't do enough to protect seniors and low-income Americans from rising health-care costs. Republicans hold a majority in the chamber but can not afford to have more than 21 defections for the measure to pass.

By repealing the 0.9 percent payroll tax on higher-income workers, the bill would push Medicare four years closer to financial insolvency and diminish the program's capacity to pay for future services.

"Here they are forecasting coverage, but they got it completely wrong under the ACA, because people didn't want to buy ACA coverage", she said.

AARP is calling one facet of the plan an "age tax". Whether these are major defects that could and should have been avoided or the expected shortfalls of a major piece of legislation is not important.What matters most is the need for action. If ACA is altogether repealed, and that takes us back to pre-Medicaid expansion, it would be as if the entire town of Billings suddenly went uninsured. How do you support a plan without knowing the specifics? That expanded Medicaid rolls to about 73 million people, about half of whom are children.