Jueves, 23 Marcha, 2017

Star Citizen dumps DirectX 12 plans to focus on Vulkan-powered graphics

Star Citizen now plans to use the Vulkan API, dropping DX12 support Cloud Imperium Now Only Intends To Support Vulkan, Instead of DirectX 12, for Star Citizen
Ramiro Mantilla | 20 Marcha, 2017, 22:31

The Star Citizen developer has confirmed that the game will be ditching support for DirectX entirely going forward in favour of the Vulkan graphics renderer API.

In a forum post over on the programming forums for Star Citizen, director of graphics engineering Ali Brown has announced that Star Citizen will now use Khronos' Vulkan API, rather than switching to the latest edition of DirectX.

One of the main reasons Brown gives for not supporting DX12 is that "it doesn't force our users to upgrade to Windows 10" and means that Star Citizen can be developed with "a single graphics API that could be used on all Windows 7, 8, 10 & Linux".

Brown doesn't dismiss the possibility of DirectX 12 support for Star Citizen in the future.

Very interesting comments about the fact that DirectX 12 would "only be considered" if they found some way for it to give them a distinct advantage in rendering over the Vulkan API. "Our current intention is to only support Vulkan and eventually drop support for DX11".

Right now Star Citizen is still heavy in development, so it will take some time before we see how this plays a role in the game's optimization over the long haul. The API's really aren't that different though, 95% of the work for these APIs is to change the paradigm of the rendering pipeline, which is the same for both APIs.

If anything is subject to change, you can be certain the boffins over at Cloud Imperium Games will let their legion of pilots know. In August 2014, only a few months before the company had promised to release the finished version of the game, the company announced it had raised $51 million and would be using the money to considerably widen the scope of the title - hence the original launch date whizzing past and, today, only a small subset of game features being made available in alpha and beta status builds.