Jueves, 23 Marcha, 2017

Afghan Taliban hints out its readiness in joining Moscow talks

Russia invites US to talks on Afghanistan Russia to host another meet on Afghanistan on April 14
Eleena Tovar | 21 Marcha, 2017, 01:04

With the security situation in Afghanistan deteriorating by the day due to the resurgence of the Taliban, Russia has made a decision to convene a 12-nation meeting on Afghanistan on 14 April to review the progress in peace efforts in the battle-scarred nation.

Invitations would also be sent to the USA, some Central Asian states and the European Union for next month's meeting.

According to media reports, Afghan Taliban have signalled willingness to take part in a meeting that Russian Federation is expected to host next month on peace and reconciliation in war-torn Afghanistan. Kabul is believed to have impressed upon Moscow the necessity of involving the United States in the talks, considering the stakes that Washington has in Afghanistan.

"We held a meeting in February with the participation of all countries in the region".

Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Iran and India discussed on February 15 regional approaches to the development of security in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Moscow has sought to dispel the impression that it was in agreement with Pakistan's position on involving the Taliban in the peace talks without a firm commitment by the militant outfit that it would eschew violence and abide by the Afghan Constitution.

Russia, being sponsor and host of the process, might have its own reasons whether or not to invite Taliban but on the face of it success of any move aimed at restoration of peace and stability in war-ravaged Afghanistan is linked intrinsically to the attitude and cooperation of Taliban who are major stakeholders in the country. "They (Russians) also said that Russia will never endorse groups such as the Taliban (and see them as) a legitimate group", the Afghan foreign minister said on March 19.