Jueves, 23 Marcha, 2017

DirecTV NOW gives free HBO as 'loyalty reward' to existing customers

AT&T's New DirecTV Now Loyalty Promo Includes Free HBO for 12 Months or $5 Off for 6 Months DirecTV Now is giving early subscribers a free year of HBO
Manuel Armenta | 21 Marcha, 2017, 02:46

When it launched back in November under AT&T, DirecTV Now promised to offer a wide selection of live television and premium programming. Just a day after the service went live, subscribers were faced with heaps of sign-in errors, content that was being blocked for no discernible reason, and a lot more. AT&T (DirecTV Now's owner) seems to have ironed out most of these issues, and announced today that customers who have stuck it out through these growing pains would be getting rewarded with free HBO. But of course things have improved since then and AT&T finally appears to be ready to offer some sort of compensation to its subscribers.

DirecTV Now offers multiple channel plans and HBO normally costs an additional $5 on top of whatever the plan costs.

DirecTV Now subscribers are receiving emails about the promotion starting this afternoon. Those who already have an HBO subscription will be automatically credited during the 12-month duration of the promotion.

According to a post by DirecTV in the AT&T forums, NOW subscribers with the "Live a Little" and "Just Right" plans will receive a $5 bill credit for the next 6 months of their subscription.

Those of you who have been a subscriber of DirecTV Now since March 6 or earlier will be eligible to get HBO either free of charge or at a discounted rate. The free "loyalty gift" runs through March 7th, 2018.