Jueves, 23 Marcha, 2017

Don't Fall For These Last-Minute Tax Season Scams

The IRS is Warning of Phishing Scams If You Use A Tax Preparer, Make Sure They Don't Get Taken In By 'Last-Minute Email' Scam
Ramiro Mantilla | 21 Marcha, 2017, 01:11

The attack is another tax scam that is trying to capitalize on the looming 2017 tax season.

The Internal Revenue Service is warning tax preparers and taxpayers to be vigilant about this scam, which involves tax thieves contacting preparers before a return is processed, asking them to change the deposit information on the account.

The agency said that cybercriminals have been employing some new tactics this year. It could compromise sensitive data on your device. One new scam, for instance, sees the criminals pose as taxpayers asking their tax preparer to make a last-minute change to their refund destination, sending it to a prepaid debit card instead.

To prevent this fraud, the IRS is recommending that tax preparers verbally confirm any such requests with the customer.

"For a limited time, the e-Services Help Desk will have additional staff available to only assist tax professionals who need to revalidate their identity to have their e-Services registration account reinstated", said the IRS. Taxpayers should learn to recognize phishing emails, calls or texts that pose as familiar organizations such as banks, credit card companies, tax software providers or even the IRS. Other times, they try to phish for the professional's email credentials so that they can change taxpayers' refund destinations themselves or steal information about their clients for the objective of committing identity fraud. In these scams, tax preparers are pressed to provide confidential client data, including Social Security numbers and passwords.