Jueves, 23 Marcha, 2017

Hirscher hold-up in Aspen as he skins Neureuther to win

Frida Hansdotter was part of the victorious Swedish team Frida Hansdotter was part of the victorious Swedish team
Montrelle Montesinos | 21 Marcha, 2017, 01:00

This was his 45th world cup win, and his 22nd in the Giant.

On what is a rest day for numerous world's top skiers before the last slalom and giant slalom races of the season this weekend, teams from eight nations met in a knockout format along a short 22-gate layout in Rocky Mountain snow.

And the final step of the podium went to Mathieu Faivre of France in 1:50.98.

Sweden defeated Austria 3-3 in the last eight before narrowly making it past France in the semi-finals, due to having a quicker overall time, after the contest had ended 2-2.

Germany's Stefan Luitz was unable to finish, handing Matthias Hargin of Sweden his country's second point before Emelie Wikstroem secured the title with a win over Marina Waller of Germany.

André Myhrer lost out to Germany's Linus Strasser in the final race but it was too late with Sweden claiming the 3-1 victory. In the small final for third place, the French team of Adeline Baud Mugnier, Coralie Frasse Sombet, Jean-Baptiste Grange, and Julie Lizeroux was victorious over Italy's team of Chiara Costazza, Irene Curtoni, Patrick Thaler, and Giuliano Razzoli.