Jueves, 23 Marcha, 2017

Korea Ranks 56th in World Happiness Report

Money Doesn't Buy Happiness (In America) Thailand 32nd happiest country in the world | Bangkok Post: news
Eleena Tovar | 21 Marcha, 2017, 13:02

Yet money is not the only ingredient in the recipe for happiness, the report said.

Singaporeans remains the "happiest" people in Asia, although the degree of happiness has dropped over the a year ago, according to the latest World Happiness Report released on Monday (March 20). The four social variables considered, all deteriorated over the year-the United States showed less social support, less sense of personal freedom, lower donations, and more perceived corruption of government and business.

"America's crisis is, in short, a social crisis, not an economic crisis", says Sachs.

"All of the top four countries rank highly on all the main factors found to support happiness: caring, freedom, generosity, honesty, health, income and good governance", the report said.

Others are Tanzania, Burundi and the worst of them, Central African Republic.

He speculates that this is down to factors independent of Norway's economic outlook.

Countries that achieved positive results have "high levels of mutual trust, shared objective, generosity and good governance", said Helliwell, a professor at the University of British Columbia. The U.S. ranked 14th on the most recent rankings average.

Happiness is declining in the USA, the figures suggest: the country went from place 3 in 2007 to 14 this year.

Nearly half of Canadians want illegal border crossers deported - Which is troubling if this becomes The Day After Tomorrow and all Americans have to bug out because of a Hollywood-effects laden natural disaster that spans the entire country.

Bangladesh was in the same position among 157 countries in last year's report, which had Denmark at the top. Keeping in mind that from 1999 to 2010 the suicide rate among American ages 35 to 64 increased almost 30 per cent this could be the death knell for happiness in the States. "As demonstrated by many countries, this report gives evidence that happiness is a result of creating strong social foundations". Sachs also notes that experiments show that we seem to be less likely to go out of our way to help others: "A recent study showed that the extent of helping behavior by USA residents declined sharply between 2001 and 2011, but this was not true for Canadian residents". Thanks to our "rising inequality, corruption, isolation, and distrust". "The U.S. political divide is increasingly a divide between those with a college degree and those without". Russian Federation is seventh in the category of most improved in happiness.

Norway vaulted to the top slot in the World HappinessReport despite lower prices for oil, a key part of its economy.

An improvement in educational quality and attainment should also be a key focus in the US, says Sachs.