Jueves, 23 Marcha, 2017

Russian tournament lets teams play curling with cars

Manuel Armenta | 21 Marcha, 2017, 01:03

Four teams of 10 people vied for the podium this weekend in what could have been Yekaterinburg's, and possibly Russia's, first-ever curling vehicle tournament, the Associated Press writes.

Instead of the usual stones used in curling, teams used cars, pushing them across ice towards giant curling markings, Reuters said.

Every team had nine attempts to get their three cars closest to the centre and could crash their vehicles into one another to gain the upper edge.

Loud bangs could be heard all around, as the fragile Okas, cars that were considered somewhat a joke even by Soviet consumers brought up on Ladas, clattered into each other.

The winners of the tournament received 100,000 rubles (£1,300).

The cars' engines had been removed to make them lighter and the windows had been taken out for safety, organiser Galina Kirkach said.

The idea for the tournament came to the organisers, managers of an insurance company, after a number of auto accidents caused by black ice.

"Curling looks boring on TV, but I played it once with friends and realized what a great sport it was", Kirkach told Tass.

Curling! Unless you bleed Red Green and caught your lunch in an ice fishing hut, you may have no idea how it works. "We constantly see accidents on the road, and we thought that this would attract people's attention to the need for insurance".