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Charleston shooter back to jail, then to prison

Dylann Roof To Plead Guilty To State Charges Dylann Roof pleads guilty in murderous church rampage
Eleena Tovar | 12 Abril, 2017, 16:32

In January, Roof, 23, an avowed white supremacist from the Columbia area, was sentenced to death by a federal jury for the hate crime killings of nine African-Americans at a historic Charleston downtown church.

Dylann Roof leaves the Charleston County Court after pleading guilty to nine murder charges for the 2015 shooting at Emanuel AME in Charleston, South Carolina, U.S., April 10, 2017.

"Joe Roof, Dylann Roof's grandfather, told the court Monday that his family had be "been distressed and just sick over what has happened to these families", but he was still "aching" to hug his grandson".

Blondell Gadsden, sister of victim Myra Thompson, said to the court of Dylann Roof, "Even though we're at a point where death has been the sentence for him, my heart still goes out to him in hopes that he would repent to save himself from himself".

The deal means no state trial or sentencing phase will be necessary. He pleaded to nine murder charges, three attempted murder charges, and a weapons charge.

Roof received a death sentence for killing nine people at Charleston's Emanuel A.M.E Church. Twice found competent to stand trial, Roof fired his defence team for the sentencing portion of his proceedings, calling no witnesses or putting up any evidence of his own.

Monday's shooting was the latest tragedy for a city that has struggled in recent years with more than its share of them. Roof said he agreed with Wilson's description of the crime. The impact has been felt throughout our entire congregation. "Hate will never win". It's the only thing we can do. "But I won't be truly happy until I see her and can give her a big hug", Terrell said as she sat in the bleachers near Cajon High School's baseball diamond.

Roof's sentence was described by prosecutors as a an insurance policy in case something happens to his federal death sentence.

At Roof's first court appearance on the day after his arrest, his victims' relatives spoke of forgiveness, with some saying they mourned their loved ones but would pray for his lost soul. Police Chief Jarrod Burguan, who won national praise for the way his department responded to the 2015 shootings, announced previous year he was hiring additional officers. Roof wanted to start a civil war.

"My lawyers have purposely kept me in the dark about my defense until the last minute in order to prevent me from being able to do anything about it, which is why I have been forced to write to you", he stated.

He also claimed that nearly anything his attorneys say should be "disregarded", adding, "and I will go as far as to say that they all, both federal and state, should be disbarred".

He did not speak in court Monday, except to offer mostly one-word answers to questions from the judge. We have no skinheads, no real KKK, no one doing anything but talking on the internet.