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Magic vs Bulls game time, TV schedule, and more

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Montrelle Montesinos | 12 Abril, 2017, 20:12

The former Slam Dunk Contest champion is said to be interested in rejoining his old squad, the Chicago Bulls, but it is not clear whether the feeling is mutual for both sides. The Bulls and Pacers have favorable schedules, but both are capable of blowing easy wins.

Chicago scored 14 of the first 16 points en route to a 34-13 lead at the end of one quarter.

When Johnson off the floor, the Heat's net rating sunk to minus-28.3, with their offensive rating nose-diving to just 80.2 points per 100 possessions.

Bulls All-Star swingman Jimmy Butler echoed similar sentiments.

Though it would be hard for the Heat to blame the Nets specifically for missing the playoffs in the above scenario, as it is a long season and Miami had ample opportunities to climb into the playoff race, it would be a tough pill to swallow for coach Erik Spoelstra's squad if they miss the playoffs because the Nets chose to sit six of their players.

Al Horford added 19 points and eight rebounds.

Tonight, however, is an opportunity for redemption for the Bulls in more ways than one.

The Chicago Bulls are now in a tie for the eighth seed with the Miami Heat.

According to The Sun-Sentinel, the Heat will get knocked out of the playoffs if all three team wins on Wednesday since the Bulls own the tiebreaker against them.

While the Wizards don't have any way to alter their playoff seeding, they will have something besides pride and individual numbers on the line.

If the Chicago Bulls make the playoffs, they could use some help scoring. So Indiana should not take any chances and it will better for them if they win all of their final games instead of scoreboard watching and hope that the Heat lose.

The Bulls are now in need of scoring support from the bench if they want to qualify for the playoffs next week. They will say that this time with more experience the Bulls will play more as a unit with no more infighting between Rondo and Wade.

For an organization that won six titles in the 1990s, it can't be only about making the playoffs - even after missing them last season for the first time since 2008. The Bulls were fourth overall then, with Wade coming in sixth and Butler ninth in jersey sales.

With a win on Wednesday over Brooklyn, the Bulls are in the playoffs.

In the meantime, though, Chicago needs to clean-up a few things - mainly turnovers and far too many blown defensive coverages - if they're going to make the postseason.

"It better", Hoiberg said of his team's mindset.

Miami's last game on Wednesday is against the Wizards, who have nothing to play for as they are locked into the No. 4 seed.

As for offensive rebounding, the Bulls are parked at the very the top of the league, lassoing 12.1 offensive miscues a game, while the Magic are 17th at 9.9 per game. The Bulls have done well in this aspect as they lead the National Basketball Association in second-chance scoring this season at 15.2 points per game, whereas the Magic are 18th with a mark of 12.6 per game. So you better believe Nate McMillan's team will be going all-out.