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Stepfather of Jakubowski in manhunt says: Surrender

Manhunt underway for man who stole guns, sent manifesto to White House Wisconsin churches on alert amid hunt for gun theft suspect
Tobias Pedroso | 12 Апреля, 2017, 13:49

Rock County Sheriff Richard Spoden said Jakubowski threatened to attack public officials and schools in his manifesto.

"A large quantity of high-end handguns and rifles were stolen and the suspect fled the scene", authorities explained.

Authorities are paying special attention to churches, as Jakubowski reportedly mailed a 161-page anti-religious manifesto to President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

Jakubowski is accused of breaking into a gun store last week, stealing several assault weapons and mailing an anti-religious manifesto to President Trump.

Rock County Sheriff's officials on Monday evening said they received 150 additional tips, bringing the total amount of tips in this case to more than 500.

The sheriff's office said in a statement Sunday night that it had contacted school districts to inform them that Jakubowski is still on the run so they can make decisions on any precautionary measures. Investigators have said Jakubowski's manifesto details a long list of grievances against the government and law enforcement, and threatens attacks against schools and public officials. Police increased patrols near churches in Janesville Sunday.

Joseph Jakubowski's stepfather, Don McLean, said he fears his stepson is a risky man and may want a showdown with police. Police immediately responded to the scene of the crime and found Jakubowski's auto on fire nearby, 30 minutes later.

Also Tuesday, police said Jakubowski may have shaved his head, releasing an image showing the suspect without hair.

Police released a video last week that the suspect allegedly posted on Facebook appearing to show a man mailing an envelope with his manifesto addressed to Trump.

Joseph Jakubowski is a 32-year-old individual who has previous felonies in the past. Police now are investigating and trying to verify the tip that Jakubowski was in New Lisbon, according to the Juneau County Sheriff's Department.

"Stop whatever you're doing, whatever you're thinking, put everything down and call 911", he said. Authorities later confirmed that the man was not Jakubowski.

Police learned April 6 that Jakubowski, 32, had been highly agitated recently about a variety of political issues, according to the sheriff's department.

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the capturing of Jakubowski.

"This is not just a local concern, this is a nationwide concern", he said.

"This level of support is certainly appreciated during this hard and risky search", sheriff's officials said in a news release.