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Chris Packham Charged With Assault After Altercation With Bird Hunters In Malta

Chris Packham says he is due in court in Gozo on assault charge Springwatch host Chris Packham 'arrested and charged with ASSAULT' in Malta
Tobias Pedroso | 20 Апреля, 2017, 13:14

Tweeting after the incident on Tuesday the presenter said: "Malta!"

Chris Packham has posted a photograph of himself in a borrowed suit ahead of a court appearance for assault charges in Malta. "And wait until you see our evidence." before posting a picture of a disc with the title "video footage".

A auto pulled up and two men jumped out before assaulting the team, Packham claims.

"Whilst Chris and the team stood back, the police joined them".

"So now on Thursday morning at nine o'clock I have to come back to Gozo where I have been charged with using force against any person with intent to insult or hurt them".

"It was obvious from the start that these charges were odd and peculiar, because I was the one that was being assaulted and jostled by a man and a police officer".

The wildlife campaigner said the alleged assault occurred hours after he had called police after seeing what he thought were a number of protected species being kept in cages on the island.

Mr Packham has documented illegal trapping and hunting in Malta for several years now and is no stranger to controversy.

Packham, 55, appeared in a Maltese court on Thursday following an incident on the Mediterranean island.

Police were called but were unable to officially confirm any wrongdoing without the presence of the Wild Bird Regulation Unit (WBRU), based in Malta, the spokesman said.

In a statement, his agent explained: "Whilst filming an interview on the public roadside, a vehicle appeared and two men jumped out shouting at Chris and his team, shoving them aggressively".

'Instead of intervening on behalf of the innocent parties, the police immediately took the side of the aggressors and manhandled Chris and other members of the team off the site, ' the spokesman added.