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Former President George HW Bush hospitalized in Houston

George H.W. Bush Hospitalized Again In Houston Bush Back in Hospital Recovering From Mild Pneumonia
Ramiro Mantilla | 20 Abril, 2017, 13:40

Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush has been readmitted to a Houston hospital for treatment of a mild case of pneumonia, his second bout of that respiratory illness in three months, but "is going to be fine", his spokesman said on Tuesday.

McGrath confirmed the return to the hospital Tuesday, adding that Bush was admitted due to a cough that prevented him from sleeping. It was subsequently determined that he had a mild case of pneumonia, which was treated and has been resolved. Bush has been hospitalized in Houston since last Friday, Aprul 14, 2017, with a recurrence of a case of pneumonia he had earlier in the year. The source said the Bushes had not previously announced the hospital visit because they did not want to worry anyone over the Easter weekend.

George and Barbara Bush were honored at the Super Bowl in Houston in February.

Bush, who was in office from 1989 until 1993, is the oldest living former American president.

Bush has been dealing with a number of health issues over the years, including a form of Parkinson's disease that has forced him to use a wheelchair. Despite his loss of mobility, Bush celebrated his 90th birthday by making a tandem parachute jump in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Days after his 92nd birthday, Bush led a group of 40 wounded warriors on a fishing trip at the helm of his speedboat.

"Bush is also the father of former President George W. Bush, who started the Iraq War by falsely accusing its leader of possessing ‶weapons of mass destruction".