Lunes, 18 Junio, 2018

Electric SUV from China Looks Pretty Legit

Here's The Three-Row SUV That Electric Startup NIO Wants To Sell In China Next Year NIO Unveils Production Vehicle for China Market
Manuel Armenta | 21 Abril, 2017, 03:09

The vehicle is called NIO ES8 and it is a full size 7-seater electric SUV.

"[The NIO ES8] is another statement of our vision and technical and manufacturing capabilities", said NIO Founder and Chairman, William Li.

Alongside news of a seven-seat China-only SUV, Nio has thus announced at this week's Shanghai motor show that it's going to build ten more EP9s, and offer them for sale at $1.48million (presumably before tax) each. It is a best-in-class product that showcases what is possible with electric vehicles.

Not too many specs have been released yet, but the ES8 has electric motors on the front and rear axles providing all-wheel drive and an active air suspension. At over 196 inches (4978mm) long with a 118-inch (2997mm) wheelbase, its all-aluminium body certainly promises a roomy interior - if not one as high-tech or forward-looking as the Eve's. The SUV, branded the ES8, is a long ways away from the manufacturer's flagship autonomous supercar, the EP9.

NIO also announced it will begin pre-selling the fastest electric auto in the world, its flagship supercar, the NIO EP9. "From track to road, NIO continues to achieve major milestones every year". Most notably, the vehicle has a swappable battery pack to allow for easy recharging. The first batch of six EP9s produced were for investors. It has already built an all-electric supercar, the EP9, and used it to set lap records at the Nurburgring and the Circuit of the Americas.

Prices and performance details are expected closer to the car's official launch at the end of the year, with NIO estimating deliveries to reach customers "next year". This clearly made the world's rich auto lovers very sad, because it looks like Nio has had at least ten more one-per-centers on the phone, hinting that should it build more, they'd gladly buy one.