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Political parties, civil society and religious organisations launch Freedom Movement

Opposition parties et al form Freedom Movement to kick President Zuma out Another anti-Zuma march will take place next week
Eleena Tovar | 21 Abril, 2017, 03:30

"It is a crisis of a political leadership that has allowed our state to be hijacked by corrupt interests at the expense of needs and aspirations of the poor, the marginalised and patriotic South Africans". The mismanagement of our country has now reached a boiling point.

Questioned about whether the continuous marches could lead to protest fatigue‚ Mashele said when citizens got tired‚ rogue leaders did not get exhausted.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane said: "Because if we get exhausted we assume that status quo is normal and we dig into another level where we can say let's accept the president as a prerogative to change the minister as he feels like or procurement nuclear. which we can't accept". "Let us stand up and defend our hard-won freedom and the future of our country". He said this meant standing together against "one individual".

He said that the group called for a national convention where all political parties and interest groups could be represented.

The Freedom Movement group was made up of opposition parties such as the DA, United Democratic Movement and Congress of the People; labour organisations such as union federation Fedusa and Solidarity; faith-based organisations and civil society groups.

The movement says its objectives are to ensure Zuma is removed from power, protect the Constitution, restore power to the people and safeguard the state.

Organised civil society and political parties had different roles to play.

The parties were asked whether they risked invoking fatigue amongst South Africans who had already seen three consecutive weeks of protests following the cabinet reshuffle that saw Pravin Gordhan fired as finance minister. It said the country's sovereign debt rating was now reduced to "junk" status.

Mashele added that "We shall not sit back and watch while the future of our children is destroyed by a rogue president working with parasitic private interests".