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Trump Should Fire 'Moron' Spicer — Howard Stern

White House press secretary Sean Spicer apologizes for comments he made suggesting that President Bashar al Assad of Syria was worse than Hitler during a TV interview at the White House Anne Frank Center director: Trump should fire Spicer for Hitler remark
Eleena Tovar | 21 Abril, 2017, 03:08

"And frankly I mistakenly used an inappropriate and insensitive comment about the Holocaust and there is no comparison. I got into a topic that I shouldn't have and I screwed up", Spicer said during an event at a museum in Washington. Christians are preparing for Easter on Sunday, and Jews are celebrating Passover. There's no other way to say it. To know when you screw up that you possibly offended a lot of people.

"I made a mistake".

The comment was immediately decried, and after a series of attempts to clear up his words, Spicer made multiple apologies in an exclusive interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer Tuesday afternoon.

A Republican Colorado congressman says White House press secretary Sean Spicer "needs to go". And the Anti-Defamation League has offered to help educate Spicer on the Holocaust.

"Obviously it was my blunder".

On Wednesday, speaking at a forum at the Newseum, Spicer called the incident "my mistake" and "my bad". The attack in northern Syria left almost 90 people dead. "There was clearly. I understand your point, thank you".

"The problem with Sean Spicer and this administration is, they don't have the DNA of compassion and they don't have the DNA of the knowledge of history and I come from a people who lost 6,000 people a day gassed in Auschwitz - any sixth-grader knows what Sean Spicer should know", he added.

After the briefing, Spicer emailed reporters a statement that said: "In no way was I trying to lessen the horrendous nature of the Holocaust".

The attack in northern Syria left almost 90 people dead, and Turkey's health minister said tests show sarin gas was used.

Reaction from around the world continued Wednesday.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman said contemporary comparisons with Nazi atrocities were ill-advised.

Despite the apologies, Mr Spicer's remarks provoked outrage around the globe from those who claimed he showed insensitivity to victims of the Holocaust.

In the U.S., Democrats and Jewish organizations condemned the comments.

"I love it", Spicer said of his job.

Rep. Lee Zeldin, a Jewish Republican from NY, said in a statement that the comparison could be made "a little differently and it would be accurate, but it's important to clear up that Hitler did in fact use chemical warfare to murder innocent people".

There are historical facts proving Hitler did use gas chambers to kill six million Jewish people during the Holocaust.

It was not the first time the White House has had to answer questions about the Holocaust.

Tuesday was the second consecutive day in which Trump's principal spokesman appeared to struggle to articulate Trump's foreign policy at a critical time.

"We didn't even use chemical weapons in World War II", Spicer said Tuesday in response to a question about Russia's alliance with Syria.