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Hillary Clinton makes surprise appearance at Tribeca Fest

Hillary Clinton Kathryn Bigelow on VR after her first try: 'I love it'
Ramiro Mantilla | 23 Abril, 2017, 20:40

Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow, premiered her new virtual reality short, The Protectors: Walk in the Rangers' Shoes at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Clinton appeared Saturday to discuss the scourge of elephant poaching with Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow, who was premiering her new virtual reality short, "The Protectors: Walk in the Rangers' Shoes", about the park rangers trying to save elephants from poachers in Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

It is crucial to stop the killing elephants, stop the trafficking of ivory and stop the demand. "And part of that is protecting these rangers".

A high-wattage event at the Tribeca Film Festival became even more so with the arrival of an unannounced panelist: Hillary Clinton.

"We've got to bust this market", Clinton said of the global ivory trade.

The unexpected public appearance on Earth Day was one of several Clinton has made recently, following a period of silence after the former Democratic presidential candidate lost the November election to President Donald Trump.

"It is Earth Day and we are marching on behalf of science, and part of science is understanding the intricate relationships we share with those on this planet", Clinton told attendees. Clinton said that marches taking place earlier in the day in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and other locations were important in the face of President Trump's various environmental policies, including drastic funding reductions for the National Institutes of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency.

After a period of brief silence following her defeat past year, Clinton has been vocal in her criticism of the president since his inauguration, regularly tweeting her response to some of Donald Trump's more controversial decisions that he's made during his time in the White House.