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Israelis stabbed at a Tel Aviv hotel

Four Israelis wounded in Tel Aviv stabbing spree Terror attack near Tel Aviv beachfront wounds four
Eleena Tovar | 23 Abril, 2017, 21:00

Israeli police say an 18-year-old Palestinian stabbed and lightly wounded four people in Tel Aviv before being arrested.

Sunday's incident took place in Tel Aviv, according to the Israeli police, Sky News reported.

Paramedics treated the four victims, whose injuries were described as "light", at the scene before evacuating them to Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital.

It remains unclear whether today's attack was politically motivated.

The Palestinian, from the Nablus area of the West Bank, was arrested by police and is now in custody with the Shin Bet security agency.

A wave of street attacks by Palestinians in Israel and the occupied West Bank since October 2015 has previously killed 37 Israelis, two American tourists and a British student.

Israel accuses the Palestinian National Authority of "inciting" the unrest. Palestinians say it stems from anger over 50 years of occupation.