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US carrier heading for Korea trains with Japanese destroyers

US Vice President Mike Pence talks to Chief Imam Nasaruddin Umar during his visit to the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta Indonesia US carrier heading for Korea trains with Japanese destroyers
Manuel Armenta | 23 Abril, 2017, 12:31

USA officials said the vessel is headed for the Sea of Japan, where it would be available in a region that's tense after recent provocative statements from North Korea.

That night, in an interview with Fox News Business, US President Donald Trump said he was sending an "armada" to North Korea. It has also threatened to attack US allies South Korea and Japan.

But at the same time, you have a regime in North Korea that has consistently done nuclear tests, shot missiles into the waters close to our allies, the trying to miniaturize nuclear weapons, put them on submarines, trying to get intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Officials said there had been a lack of follow-up with commanders overseeing the aircraft carrier's movements.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Wednesday warned North Korea not to pick a fight with the U.S.

"Like North Korea, which is often accused of displaying fake missiles during military parades, is the United States, too, now employing "bluffing" as its North Korea policy?" the editorial added.

On April 8, the Pacific Command announced the Carl Vinson Strike Group had been directed "to sail north and report on station in the Western Pacific Ocean".

Trump administration officials on Wednesday (April 19) denied misleading the public about the location of an aircraft carrier and whether it was redeployed as a show of strength against North Korea.

Japan's show of naval force reflects growing concern that North Korea could strike it with nuclear or chemical warheads.

The remarks about the group's dispatch has further driven up the already high tensions, with North Korea responded to the reported dispatch with harsh rhetoric.

The destroyers will "practice a variety of tactics" with the United States strike group, the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (MSDF) said in a statement.

The Japanese force did not specify where the exercises were taking place but by Sunday the destroyers could have reached an area 2,500 km (1,500 miles) south of Japan, which would be waters east of the Philippines.

USA and South Korean officials have been saying for weeks that the North could soon stage another nuclear test, something the United States, China and others have warned against. "So how is this White House explaining to South Korea and Japan that, in fact, during the buildup and the actual DPRK missile launch, there was no USS Carl Vinson off the coast of the Korean Peninsula?" a reporter asked.

Pentagon chief Jim Mattis on April 11 said the Vinson was "on her way up" to the peninsula.

South Korea's Defense Ministry spokesman Moon Sang-kyun tells CNN that the US Navy's deployment of the Vinson "Is a result of recognizing the grave situation". Some even raised speculation the U.S. may be contemplating a preemptive strike against the North.