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Trump welcomes to White House US aid worker freed from Egypt

Aya Hijazi Aya Hijazi and her husband Mohamed Hassanein talk inside a holding cell. Mohamed Abd El Ghany Reuters
Eleena Tovar | 24 Abril, 2017, 07:15

We can't say for sure if the video, which fades between a Washington Post article about the Trump administration negotiating Hijazi's release and a slide show of photos of Hijazi visiting the White House to the blaring strains of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless The U.S.A.", was personally put together by Trump, or if one of his aides handled it. "I think Trump and his team deserve credit for making this a priority at the most critical time in her case". Hijazi, an Egyptian-Ame.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer confirmed Friday that Trump had discussed Hijazi's release with Sissi during the Egyptian leader's visit to the White House in early April.

"WELCOME HOME, AYA! #GodBlessTheUSA", tweeted President Trump along with a video that features a montage of him and Aya at the White House.

"He was here, I said I really would appreciate it if you could look into this and let her out", Trump told The Associated Press in an interview.

The president dinged his predecessor for not being able to secure her release, saying President Barack Obama "worked on it for three years, got zippo".

"We are very happy to have Aya back home", Trump told reporters Friday after refusing to answer questions about the matter. Trump and White House aides negotiated their release as well as freedom for four other humanitarian workers, and Trump sent a USA government aircraft to Cairo to bring them home, the Post reported.

Aya Hijazi spent nearly three years in prison in Egypt after she was arrested while working with the Belady Foundation, a humanitarian group helping poor children in Cairo find shelter. She was arrested in Egypt in 2014, but human rights groups said she had been held on fabricated charges.

Hijazi, a dual national, was born in Egypt and grew up in Falls Church, Virginia, a Washington suburb.