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North Korea says it is ready to strike USA aircraft carrier

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Eleena Tovar | 25 Abril, 2017, 18:32

North Korea has threatened to sink the San Diego-based aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, which was recently diverted to put it closer to the Korean Peninsula, it was reported Monday.

One publication said: "Our revolutionary forces are combat-ready to sink a USA nuclear-powered aircraft carrier with a single strike".

Vice President Mike Pence said it would arrive "within days", but gave no other details.

The Vinson has been making its way from Singapore to the Sea of Japan since last week, making stops in Asia along the way as it heads toward North Korea in a show of force.

"It's usually a tactic held by North Korea when they want to get the attention of high level USA officials".

The news comes just one day before all 100 US senators are scheduled to meet at the White House for a briefing with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Wednesday.

The North also said the presence of the MI would create a "touch-and-go" situation on the peninsula, with Rodong Shinmun, the official newspaper of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea, writing on Monday, "If the enemies recklessly provoke the DPRK, its revolutionary armed forces will promptly give deadly blows to them and counter any total war with all-out war and nuclear war with a merciless nuclear strike of Korean style". Far more powerful than the aircraft carrier.

North Korea says its nuclear program is for self-defense and has warned the United States of a nuclear attack in response to any aggression.

Envoys on the North Korean nuclear issue from the United States, South Korea and Japan are due to meet in Tokyo on Tuesday.

China, North Korea's sole major ally, opposes Pyongyang's weapons programmes and has appealed for calm. North Korea has continued its show of defiance, detaining a third US citizen, Tony Kim, on Saturday.

The Yomiuri Shimbun Japan and the United States have made a decision to conduct joint drills involving Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyers and the USS Carl Vinson in the Sea of Japan to further apply pressure on North Korea.

The North has ramped up its rhetoric in recent weeks, threatening to hit back against any provocation.

The Japanese force did not specify where the exercises were taking place, but the destroyers by Sunday could have reached an area 2,500 km (1,500 miles) south of Japan, which would be east of the Philippines.

The USS Carl Vinson is sailing north via the Philippine Sea after completing regular exercises in the South China Sea, the Tsunda Strait, and the Celebes Sea.

The Vinson battle group is nearing the Korean Peninsula, CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin reports.