Viernes, 14 Diciembre, 2018

SC as PET orders Robredo to pay P8 million, Marcos P66.2 million

Vice President Leni Robredo and former Sen. Ferdinand Marcos. Composite Vice President Leni Robredo and former Sen. Ferdinand Marcos. Composite
Cris De Lacerda | 26 Abril, 2017, 15:31

The Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) on Tuesday ordered Vice President Leni Robredo to pay the counter-protest poll fee.

In its three-page resolution, PET ruled that Marcos should pay PHP36,023,000 on or before April 14 and PHP30-million on or before July 14 while Robredo is required to pay PHP8 million on or before April 14, and PHP7,439,000 on or before July 14.

"Vice President Leni Robredo's willingness to comply with her obligation to pay the P8mn for her counter protest", Macalintal said in a statement.

According to the SC, the preliminary conference will tackle not only Marcos' protest but also Robredo's counter-protest.

In a preliminary conference, both parties to a case are made to narrow down the conflict officiated by a clerk of court.

The case stemmed from an electoral protest filed by Mr. Marcos after losing in the vice-presidential race by a slim margin of about 260,000 votes to Ms. Robredo after leading by nearly a million votes early in the election count.

But the Supreme Court is defering action on his motion to dismiss Robredo's counter-protest until she pays the fee.

Both Marcos and Robredo are required by the SC to settle cash deposit in two tranches for the retrieval of the contested ballots in 163,000 precincts in the country.

The Marcos camp cited Rule 38 of the 2010 PET Rules which says "a revision of votes shall commence on the date specified in the preliminary conference order".

Robredo, on the other hand, was reportedly required to pay the cash deposit in PHP8 million last April 14, which fell on Good Friday, and another PHP7,439,000 on or before July 14.

Robredo has earlier asked the high court to allow her to defer her payment until after the tribunal has acted on her motion for reconsideration on the court's ruling finding Marcos' poll protest sufficient in form and substance.

But Robredo reportedly failed to pay the partial PHP8 million and instead filed a manifestation last April 12.

With regards to Mr. Marcos's protest, Rule 33 (b) cites that: "If the protest or counter-protest requires bringing of ballot boxes and election documents or paraphernalia, Five Hundred (P500) Pesos for each precinct involved".

Marcos filed his poll protest in June 2016, contesting 39,221 clustered precincts which are composed of 132,446 established precincts.

Robredo's counter-protest involves 8,042 clustered precincts, consisting of 31,278 established precincts.

The margin of votes between Robredo and Marcos in the Vice-Presidential race was merely 263,473 votes.