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WWE Smackdown Live Results 4/25/17

WWE star Paige could be champion again Paige could be champion again if she ever returns to the Raw or Smack Down roster
Tobias Pedroso | 26 Апреля, 2017, 21:24

For the past few weeks, the crowd has been mesmerized by "The Artist Known As" Shinsuke Nakamura as the former two-time NXT Champion arrived on the SmackDown LIVE after WrestleMania and, despite not having his first match on the main roster, Nakamura has already made an impact on SmackDown LIVE with his unparalleled style and charisma. Ziggler then calls him a big weirdo, continuing to make Michael Jackson jokes. Ziggler however managed to evade and got out of the ring.

A rematch between AJ Styles and Baron Corbin is also scheduled for tonight.

Styles will be looking for a more conclusive victory tonight when he takes on his physical foe but will have one eye on U.S. Champion Kevin Owens. Corbin ducked a flying forearm before hitting Styles with a knee to the guts.

Can one of these teams beat the time set by American Alpha to earn a SmackDown Tag Team Title opportunity? This still doesn't stop Owens from hitting Styles with a Pop-up Powerbomb to stand tall at the end of the segment.

Breezango's Fandango and Tyler Breeze won with a Falcon Arrow from Fandango on Viktor in 2.36 minutes, beating the clock and becoming #1 contenders to the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship. For almost two minutes, Epico was in the middle before Primo intervened from outside and allowed Epico to take control.

The Colóns go for a Backstabber double team on Chad Gable, but Jason Jordan tackles Primo out of the way.

- Rusev runs down Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan; the only way he will wrestle for Smackdown is if he gets a championship match at MITB, or he will go back to Bulgaria. Orton then gained control of the kendo stick and used it to put Rowan through a table set up at ringside.

"From the second he's been back it's been, 'What else can I do to make this work?" Rowan got hold of the steel steps and knocked out Orton.

Mahal's new physique has got some attention since he returned to WWE, evidence of the hard training Triple H mentioned.

After a brutal match with Erick Rowan, Randy Orton is attacked by Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers, who leave with The Viper's coveted title in tow.

- Charlotte Flair will challenge Naomi for the SmackDown Women's Championship.

If that is the case, perhaps Charlotte continues to play the heel forced to align herself with Naomi for her own self-preservation. They worked a solid back and forth with Naomi taking control until Charlotte tripped her up on the apron and slammed her to the floor as we went to a break.

- Becky Lynch is interviewed, and says that she has a complex relationship with Charlotte, she may not approve of her methods, but she makes the most of her chances and does what anyone would do.

Suddenly, Carmella, Natalya and Tamina hit the ring and attacked Charlotte to draw a disqualification.