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USA sets up missile defense in S. Korea as North shows power

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Eleena Tovar | 27 Abril, 2017, 21:09

US Pacific Command has said the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group is expected to be off the Korean Peninsula by the end of April, but it has not announced any other carrier movement.

"I believe that we have to look at North Korea as if Kim Jong Un will do what he says", Harris told the panel, while acknowledging that for now, at least, there's a "capability gap" between what the North Korean leader has threatened and what his military could achieve.

The Carl Vinson nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is heading toward waters surrounding the Korean Peninsula.

The Republican senator who requested anonymity said "the basic gist of it at the beginning was that we're going to get more aggressive, we've waited and they've continued to be bad actors".

South Korean newspapers are questioning whether President Donald Trump is tuning out South Korea as he shapes his North Korea strategy.

A ballistic missile would likely to take around 10 minutes to travel 1,600 km (1,000 miles) from its launch pad in North Korea to Okinawa, it adds, citing a launch in February a year ago which took that length of time fly over the Japanese island.

Meanwhile, in the United States, every member of the Senate was called to a White House briefing on the threat posed North Korea last week.

Trump said he was sending "an armada" to Korean waters potentially to deal with threats from North Korea. Cmdr. Jang Wook from South Korean navy public affairs said there was no plan for a drill.

Foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said China urged the US and South Korea to withdraw the system.

North Korea's capital is quiet on Tuesday amid expectations of some sort of a big event to mark the anniversary of the founding of the country's military.

They said the USA could target missile launch facilities in North Korea or other key military installations but the possibility of eliminating all the nuclear locations is challenging at best. President Donald Trump's secretary of state, defense secretary, top general and national intelligence director were to outline for them the North's escalating nuclear capabilities and US response options, officials said.

Chinese President Xi Jinping called Monday for "restraint" regarding North Korea in a telephone conversation with Trump.

Harris recommended placing ballistic missile interceptors and a new radar system in Hawaii to protect against North Korea's ongoing advancements toward an intercontinental ballistic missile.

National meeting to mark the 85th anniversary of Army Day.

Nuclear-armed North Korea on Tuesday marked a military anniversary with a conventional firing drill, reports said, as the South announced joint naval exercises with a U.S. aircraft carrier in the flashpoint region.

A targeted US attack to take out North Korea's nuclear weapons program could spark a wider war on the Korean peninsula, lawmakers and experts have warned. On the same day, a USA guided-missile submarine docked in South Korea.

"I'm reasonably optimistic now that China is having an influence, and they are working in the right direction with regards to North Korea thanks to the efforts of our president and theirs", Harris said.

USA envoy for North Korea Joseph Yun says he and his counterparts from Japan and South Korea agreed to coordinate "all actions" on North Korea.

South Korea's navy has said it plans to hold a joint drill with the United States strike group late this month.

The call between the presidents was the latest manifestation of their close communication, which was good for their countries and the world, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said. While defense officials have maintained that the deployment was sped up in light of rising tensions on the peninsula, Korean media also speculate that it's a project being undertaken to ensure that the THAAD deployment decision is not overturned by the next administration in Seoul after the presidential election next month.

"It helps in no way to achieve the denuclearisation of the peninsula and regional peace and stability", he said, adding China would "take necessary measures to safeguard its own interests".