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Karnan refuses medical examination, says 'am mentally fit'

Calcutta High Court Justice C.S. Karnan refuses medical test ordered by Supreme Court Why are India's top judges doubting each others' sanity?
Manuel Armenta | 04 May, 2017, 17:01

Justice C S Karnan of the Calcutta High Court today declined to undergo a medical examination by a four-member medical team from a government hospital here, saying he is "quite normal and has a stable mind".

Refusing to undergo the test, Justice Karnan termed the apex court's order a "mad order by mad judges".

Incidentally, the Supreme Court on Monday ordered the medical examination of the judge to determine his mental condition following his defiant refusal to appear before the Apex court regarding contempt proceedings.

He also told the doctors that they can not subject him to a medical exam without a guardian; no family member was present at his house. "So in the absence of any guardian, my family, I can not allow you to examine me, as that is legally wrong", Karnan told the doctors after inviting them inside his New Town residence in Kolkata's north eastern fringes and offering them tea.

He said that his wife, a professor, and a son, an engineer by profession, are in Chennai while his another son, also an engineer, is working in France.

Justice Karnan has been adopting a belligerent approach and had asserted that he will issue a suo moto suspension order against West Bengal Director General of Police (DGP) if he forcefully conducts a medical checkup.

Justice Karnan also claimed that doctors from the Calcutta Pavlov Hospital could not examine him as it was legally wrong.

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Justice Karnan is facing contempt charges for degrading the judiciary and making allegations of corruption against several Supreme Court judges.

From a makeshift court he's set up at his home since being barred from the high court, he directed the Air Control Authority in Delhi to prevent the judges from travelling overseas while they were being tried for caste bias against him. On Thursday, he had said that such a "mad order" was clearly issued by "mad judges".

"If a genuine man commits an error knowingly or unknowingly or inadvertently, but later on the said person rectifies his mistake, he is known as a flawless gentleman, after all we are human beings and not infallible", he said in the note.

"My deep request on behalf of 125 crore of Indian people. after the issuing of suo motu contempt proceedings, now the public have lost confidence and trust in the judiciary". The SC had said no court or tribunal shall take cognisance of his directions. Justice Karnan who has been asked to stay away from judicial work at the Calcutta High Court said if you want my senses restored, then let me get back to work.