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Nexon announces Titanfall: Assault mobile game, closed beta starting soon

Titanfall: Assault is an upcoming RTS based on the shooty console franchise Titanfall: Assault Real-Time Competitive Multiplayer Game Announced for Android, iOS
Eleena Tovar | 04 May, 2017, 16:31

Titanfall 2 basically got released at the wrong time a year ago. Sandwiched between EA's own Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, it got lost amongst the big AAA shooters. But that hasn't stopped it garnering a tight-knit online community and deserving a mobile game spin-off: Titanfall Assault.

Making sure that the game is fit for objective is certainly a step that Respawn and Particle City will want to ensure, particularly after other failings in mobile gaming previously.

South Korean mobile game developer Nexon on Wednesday announced Titanfall: Assault, and upcoming mobile title from the Titanfall series developed by Respawn Entertainment.

The game will be coming to Android and iOS, but there's now no word on when that'll be.

So, apparently Respawn, Particle City and Nexon hope that Titanfall Assault will work out better.

It also appears to have a heavy card-based component ("collect, upgrade and assemble a deck of Pilots, Titans and tactical Burn Cards, which provide powerful battlefield support", says the official website) and will feature PvP play and leaderboards.

You can check out some screenshots from the game below. Hopefully this time around, the companies will be able to release the mobile game to wider audiences after making appropriate changes with the feedback. The title is being created in conjunction with mobile publisher Nexon and developer Particle City, and is the next part of the plan to release multiple mobile Titanfall games.