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North Korea confirms latest detention of American citizen

North Korea confirmed US citizen Kim Sang Duk was detained at Pyongyang's airport on April 22 as he tried to leave after teaching at an elite university North Korea confirmed US citizen Kim Sang Duk was detained at Pyongyang's airport on April 22 as he tried to leave after teaching at an elite university
Eleena Tovar | 04 May, 2017, 16:58

Responding to remarks in the Chinese dailies about North Korea's nuclear pursuit fuelling USA militarisation in the region, the commentary claimed that "the United States had activated its strategy for dominating Asia-Pacific long before the DPRK had access to nukes, and its primary target is just China".

The United States has sent a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to Korean waters and a pair of strategic US bombers flew training drills with the South Korean and Japanese air forces in another show of strength this week.

Representatives for the U.S. Embassy in Seoul didn't immediately respond Wednesday to requests for comment, said WSJ.

The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) transits the Indian Ocean, April 15, 2017.

"The cumulative actions of the DPRK (North Korea) since their last nuclear test compel us to look at a range of measures that would apply pressure", said a spokesman for the U.S. Permanent Mission to the United Nations on Tuesday.

Reacting to reports of two U.S. bombers from Guam military base joining the target practice, he said, "We (have) noted the military exercise is continuing".

The United States is also calling for an embargo in oil sales to North Korea, which relies exclusively on imports to meet its fuel needs.

He said Washington would urge world powers to fully implement UN Security Council sanctions against Kim Jong-Un's regime "because no one has ever fully implemented those".

The North Korean article cited recent commentaries by Chinese state media that it said shifted the blame for deteriorating bilateral relations onto the North and raised "lame excuses for the base acts of dancing to the tune of the U.S".

The last of those was last week, when a North Korea test missile exploded over the North Korean territory, before it reached the ocean.

"The more editorials KCNA publishes, the better Chinese society will be able to understand how Pyongyang thinks, and how hard it is to solve this nuclear issue", the Global Times said.

"As nuclear weapons and missiles will combine, opposing North Korea's nuclear and missile advancement becomes a common concern of Beijing and Washington", it added.

Beijing regularly calls for parties to avoid raising tensions - remarks that can apply to both Washington and Pyongyang - and in February it announced the suspension of coal imports from the North for the rest of the year, a crucial foreign currency earner for the authorities. Chinese state media have also unleashed regular and harsh criticisms on North Korea. North Korea is a major supplier of nuclear technology on the black market, particularly to Iran, which has mimicked Pyongyang's nuclear playbook.

Trump's calls to the Asian leaders came after North Korea test-launched a missile that appeared to have failed within minutes, its fourth successive failed launch since March.

Tillerson said the Trump administration had been "leaning hard into China".

Trump also spoke on Tuesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin and discussed "how best to resolve the very risky situation in North Korea", the White House said.