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U.S. President Trump To Visit Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy This Month

Ramiro Mantilla | 07 May, 2017, 13:01

Mr Al Jubeir said traditional diplomacy had failed in brokering peace and that therefore a "fresh approach" by Mr Trump, who had never held public office before becoming president, could have a high chance of succeeding.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir described Trump's visit to the kingdom as a historic visit and one that would entail a bilateral summit, another one with Arab Gulf leaders and the United States and one with Arab and Muslim countries. After the House passed his American Health Care Act, House Republicans joined Trump and White House staff for a celebratory moment in the Rose Garden.

"President Trump has also accepted the invitation of President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority to meet with him to discuss ways to advance peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, as well as efforts to unlock the potential of the Palestinian economy", the statement added.

In Italy, Trump will travel to the Vatican City where he will have an audience with Pope Francis. The official expressed hope that the visit would make a big impact around the world and for people of faith.

United States officials have confirmed the arms deal between Washington and Riyadh.

A third senior White House official spoke of an emboldened Iran leading other Middle East countries to come to the table in a unique way.

The US is trying to push through a multi-billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia ahead of US President Donald Trump's visit to capital Riyadh, according to a report. Some important things may remain confidential, as privacy helps dialogue. It is the number one source of oil in the world.

In preparation for the trip, the National Security Council has delivered summaries of evaluations of the highest-potential areas of cooperation to the President.

The United States is leading an global coalition against ISIL of which Saudi Arabia is a member, and both countries have voiced concern about Iranian attempts to expand its influence in the Middle East. The end of May also signifies the expiration of the executive order issued by ex-President Barack Obama to freeze the transfer of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. President Trump will then meet with His Eminence Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State, and Archbishop Paul Gallagher, Secretary for Relations with States.

"It will lead to, we believe, enhanced cooperation between the USA and Arab and Islamic countries in combating terrorism and extremism and it will change the conversation with regards to America's relationship with the Arab and Islamic world".