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Galaxy S8 Owners Having Wi-Fi, Wireless Charging Issues

Inside A Samsung Flagship Store Ahead Of Preliminary Earnings Announcement Inside A Samsung Flagship Store Ahead Of Preliminary Earnings Announcement
Ramiro Mantilla | 08 May, 2017, 16:42

To check the veracity of the reddish tint issue, Consumer Reports tested eight Galaxy S8 devices and found that out of eight devices, four Galaxy S8 had slightly reddish tint.

Samsung is facing again another problem with its newly released Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The engineers made sure that the battery in Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus which happens to be the flagship models in 2017 are perfectly safe to work with.

But then again, I'm also known to drop my phone, and the latest scientific tests from SquareTrade show that the phone is super-fragile. Just in case such an adjustment can't be made by phone owners, the company has sent a software update to authorized fix centers that will help them deal with the issue. However, Samsung will start rolling out the software patch later this week.

So far, no major problems, although some users have reported a red-tint to their screens.

Samsung is already aware about the Wi-Fi issue, and told The Wall Street Journal that a second software update will fix it.

Samsung is yet to confirm when the devices will go on general sale in Thailand.

Samsung-the world's largest maker of smartphones- has pinned its hopes on the Galaxy S8 to compete against archrival Apple's iPhone after last year's Note 7 disaster. Samsung says pre-orders for the device have been strong, particularly in its home market of Korea. While concrete sales numbers weren't disclosed, the company said the S8 had the most successful pre-sale period for a smartphone in Samsung's history.

The S8s passed Consumer Reports' dunk test, validating Samsung's claim that the phones could withstand 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. The red-tinted screens allegedly look “appealing and natural” thus not being that big of a deal.