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Pro-Ryan group launches ad thanking supporters of House healthcare bill

Tobias Pedroso | 09 May, 2017, 10:47

People with pre-existing conditions could lose their insurance if they can no longer work due to their health.

US President Donald Trump has lashed out at the media about the coverage of his replacement healthcare bill.

Of course, the Senate is just starting its process, so women could still join the discussion, but it's very telling that not a single female senator was involved from the beginning.

Because the bill is expected to change, and because it leaves big decisions up to the states, it's hard to say now what it would mean.

The Senate is following in the footsteps of the House. They did so without public hearings, without input from outside experts, without analysis by the Congressional Budget Office and without, finally, much compunction or consideration of the tens of millions of Americans it will harm.

"This bill is going nowhere fast in the United States Senate".

"Our concerns are that these reforms which I put in quotation marks may well be a step backwards", says Dr. Jeff Gordon, President of the Connecticut State Medical Society which represents more than 7 thousand physicians.

"It was kind of a moot issue if the House wasn't going to be able to pass a bill and now they have and I'm proud of them for doing it", Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn told the Examiner.

"That's the way legislation used to be passed", said Blunt, after he and other GOP senators made similar remarks last week. "It's not fair and it is a mistake to defund Planned Parenthood".

"How do we think that the mentally ill have the ability to pay the deductible on an insurance policy that they have that they can buy for $3,000?" he said.

Mr Trump has said the current system is failing as insurers pull out of markets, forcing costs and deductibles to rise. "And we completely understand that", the Wisconsin Republican said on ABC's "This Week".

And what does the American Health Care Act do?

The flurry of TV appearances underscored not only the importance the Trump administration attaches to the AHCA, but also the daunting task of pushing the bill through the Senate while preserving as much of the content as possible.

This bill, which President Trump supports, will make health insurance more affordable across the board, allow states to better manage their unsustainable Medicaid programs, and repeal job-killing taxes and regulations, while still protecting people with pre-existing conditions.

You're not affected if you get insurance through your employer (155 million people), or through Medicaid or Medicare.

Haseley is referring to a portion of the bill that repeals taxes for the Affordable Care Act from high-income people, drug companies and insurers.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price argued that states will get more freedom to experiment with the program and make sure that people who rely on Medicaid get the care and coverage they need. "There are increases in spending, but what we're doing is apportioning it in a way that allows states greater flexibility".

Comer has met some concern over the Republican healthcare measure at recent town halls and will likely face more questions in upcoming town halls this month.

U.S. president Donald Trump has urged Senate Republicans not to "let the American people down" as the contentious debate over overhauling America's health care shifts to Congress' upper chamber.

"We think we need to do even more support for people who are older", he acknowledged.