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We Cried During Millie Bobby Brown's Acceptance Speech, Too

We Cried During Millie Bobby Brown's Acceptance Speech, Too MTV Awards 2017: What Do Millie Bobby Brown's Blue Pins Mean?
Tobias Pedroso | 09 May, 2017, 11:07

It might not even seem possible, but "Stranger Things" Season 2 is going to be better than the first - at least that's what Millie Bobby Brown says.

The Show of the Year prize went to Stranger Things.

When asked whether her character, Eleven, would return to the show, she averted her gaze from the reporter, shyly answering, "Maybe ..." "I'm very bad at acting when I'm lying". Not only did she promise it would be "very good, very amusing", she indicated that there will be big changes, as InStyle reports. We got super emosh, but so did everyone watching. "It's a lot different from season one, you're going to like it a lot more than season one", she continued.

"It's very dark", she said. While everybody was happy that he returned, the finale's last scene showed Will throwing up some slimy slugs - indicating that something was wrong with him.

On a night of firsts at the MTV Movie & TV Awards on Sunday night, Millie Bobby Brown won the first award for Best Actor in a Show category.

After hugging the cast members, Millie broke down as she picked up the award.

The second season of "Stranger Things" premieres Tuesday, Oct. 31, on Netflix.