Viernes, 19 Octubre, 2018

China says it successfully tests new type of missile

The Chinese military field-tested a new unannounced missile system near the Korean Peninsula to improve its ability to respond to threats to its national security. Reuters China says it successfully tests new type of missile
Eleena Tovar | 10 May, 2017, 14:39

The strategic missile forces of China's People's Liberation Army has conducted a new-type missile test in the waters of the Bohai Sea, the Ministry of National Defence (MOD) confirmed on Tuesday.

"The test achieved the expected result", said the statement, without disclosing the exact date. It did not reveal the type of missile or provide other details.

The tests of new missiles and weapons were carried out by the People's Liberation Army's Rocket Force in recent days and were created to "raise operational capability" of the armed forces to "effectively respond to threats" to national security, the statement said.

The test came amid Chinese anger over the deployment in South Korea of a sophisticated USA missile defense system that Beijing opposes because its radars are allegedly capable of peering deep into China to detect rocket launches and aircraft movements.

China has invested heavily in both ballistic and cruise missiles.

Foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Wednesday that China had no intention of softening its opposition.

In a brief statement, the Chinese defence ministry did not specify when the missile was tested.

This proposal is supported by Russian Federation, which has urged Washington and Seoul to reconsider their decision to station THAAD on the peninsula, saying it serves as a "destabilizing factor" that undermines the security and deterrent capacity of adjacent states, such as China, and could tip the existing military balance in the tense region.

The US military began installing the first components of the system in South Korea late last month after nuclear-armed North Korea launched four missiles which it said was part of training for a strike on US bases in Japan. The Bohai Gulf is the preferred location for such tests because it is Chinese territorial waters, Song said.