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What Does President Trump Have To Say About His Reviews?

Donald Trump Donald Trump is still defiant as he nears 100 days
Eleena Tovar | 10 May, 2017, 17:03

Fifty-nine percent of younger voters - ages 18 to 36 - said they disapprove of Trump's work, but members of the Silent Generation - ages 73 or older - give the president his highest approval rating at 52 percent.

As the symbolic milestone of his 100th day in power, which falls on Saturday, draws near, a cold, hard reality is setting in for the billionaire businessman who promised Americans he would "win, win, win" for them.

Democratic activists have been out in force at recent congressional town hall forums, pressing Republicans about their support for Trump.

When asked to compare how President Trump is handling the job to how President Obama handled it, 39% said President Trump was doing better, 49% said he was doing worse, and 9% said he was doing about the same. The same ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 61 percent disapprove of Trump's appointments of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to official White House jobs. In terms of campaign promises, 56 percent of voters believe Trump is on track with what he said he would do as president. The approval numbers align with party affiliation, though, with 87 percent of Democrats disapproving of Trump's performance and 88 percent of Republicans surveyed approving. Trump's average daily approval rating - 41 percent - is the lowest recorded by Gallup for the first three months of a presidency since the Eisenhower administration.

“Its a different kind of a presidency, ” Trump said in an Oval Office interview with The Associated Press, an hour-long conversation as he approached Saturdays key presidential benchmark.

"The president's core support in North Carolina is very robust", Husser said. Since taking office on January 20, his approval rating has hovered around 40 percent in most polls. They found that Trump had broken two percent of his pledges while compromising on another one percent, while 14.9 percent had been stalled by setbacks. A new CBS News poll reflects opinions divided along party lines. However, an even smaller group of respondents - 15.4 percent - said they were afraid they might lose their job in the near future.

Both style and substance reveal that Donald J. Trump is an American president like no other before him. In fact many of them have told us this is what I voted for.

The majority of achievements by Trump during his first 100 days were through executive actions.