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City financier plans to bankroll army of pro-Brexit Tory MPs

Multimillionaire to help May oust 140 pro-Remain MPs Multimillionaire Leave donor Jeremy Hosking funding campaign to oust up nearly 140 pro-Remain MPs
Manuel Armenta | 15 May, 2017, 18:53

"I think it is going to be a lot of hard work so we need the best team there, and we need all the Brexiteers there - particularly the Brexiteers in the Labour heartlands", Hosking told The Observer, adding,"I think that will do a lot for Brexit".

Despite being an influential figure in the City, Hosking said he wants to make sure there is a full hard Brexit and not a "City of London Brexit". This indicates that parties on the left who are not committed to Brexit are drawing support from a smaller pool of voters ahead of next month's general election.

The Best for Britain campaign, headed by businesswoman Gina Miller, will offer support to MPs such as Labour's Clive Lewis and former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg in the form of funding or practical help with their campaigns.

That number has since grown, with the campaign group raising more than £384,000 of its £395,000 goal.

The pollster found that the British electorate could be split into three groups: "Hard Leavers" who want out of the European Union (45%); "Hard Remainers" who still want to try to stop Brexit (22%); and the "Re-Leavers" (23%).

"We need to prevent MPs and the people being forced into an Extreme Brexit that is not in Britain's best interests", Best for Britain says on its crowdfunding page.

Hosking gave about £1.7m to the official Vote Leave campaign in the lead up to the Brexit vote and also gave £100,000 to the Conservatives in the last election.

Meanwhile, pro-EU campaigners have said they will throw their weight - and in some cases cash - behind 16 Remain MPs in a bid to get a better deal from Brexit.

He said he was prepared to invest in the heavily in the campaign to secure the "sovereign future of this independent-minded democracy".