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Nigerians in South Africa nearly mobbed to death

Hex River Valley Vineyards in the Hex River Valley winemaking region of the Western Cape
Ramiro Mantilla | 15 May, 2017, 19:48

Images of two Nigerians who were nearly beaten to death by South Africans have surfaced online.

According to Ugo Ugbaje, a Nigerian based in South Africa, the incident occurred at Kuruman northern cape area of the country, on Friday.

"As long as they continues to destroy our kids and country with drugs we will destroy them as well", a commentator from South Africa said. Two Nigerian guys were nearly murdered yesterday in Kuruman northern cape.

"You guys know how unsafe those stuff are, yet you're selling them to school kids".

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Mike Ibitoye, chairman of the Nigeria union in South Africa, identified the victims as Ernest Ughakwesili, 42, from Anambra state, and Chimezie Oranusi, 26, also from Anambra.

These activities, Alhaji Mohammed noted, included joint musical concerts, films co-production, visit of popular Nollywood actors and actresses to South Africa as part of an on-going confidence-building trip, exhibitions of Nigerian delicacies to be entitled "A Taste of Nigeria" and a Town Hall Meeting for Nigerians resident in South Africa, with a view to encouraging dialogue on the way forward.