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The BC Liberals win a minority government

David Eby B.C. kids vote Green party the official opposition to NDP majority
Eleena Tovar | 15 Мая, 2017, 19:53

That's a question we still don't know the answer to, despite polls having closed across Canada's western-most province over three hours ago, because the results have been incredibly close.

Christy Clark says the results of Tuesday's British Columbia election that produced a minority government for the first time in 65 years is "the beginning of something very different". But if they did, the Greens would be the kingmakers.

Her government has banned workplace requirements that require women to wear high heels, a move credited to Weaver's initiative. However, it remains one seat short of the four seats needed to gain official party status under the Provincial Constitution Act.

The Liberals broke out to an early lead, but the seats in favour of the NDP grew swiftly as more votes were counted.

Liberal cabinet ministers who were defeated Tuesday included Peter Fassbender in Surrey-Fleetwood, Suzanne Anton in Vancouver-Fraserview, Amrik Virk in Surrey-Guildford and Naomi Yamamoto in North Vancouver-Lonsdale. Even after it was corrected, the claim raced through social media for days, fuelled by the fury of NDP supporters at the thought of the Greens propping up Clark.

He also stuck to policy-driven messages during the campaign and criticized the NDP for pushing voters to reject the Greens to help them oust Ms. Clark's Liberals, saying it was a form of voter suppression.

Final results aren't expected until May 22nd.

Complete results for all of the ridings are available here. Recounts will nearly certainly be held in key ridings. It's just not clear whether Kinder Morgan's shareholders and partners will now make a final investment decision on the $7.4 billion, given the uncertainties that a minority government pose.

Clark said Wednesday she spoke with Lt. Governor Judith Guichon, who asked her to remain as premier while absentee ballots are counted and one or more recounts takes place.

The Island also gave the Greens their first seat in Ottawa when, in 2011, federal leader Elizabeth May won in Saanich-Gulf Islands. "And with absentee ballots still to be counted I am confident they will strengthen our margin of victory".

Clark thanked her supporters, as well as those on the opposing campaigns for standing up for what they believe in.

Horgan says he has now spoken with both Clark and Weaver.

"We have been presented with an opportunity by British Columbians to open a whole new dialogue in our province, in our Legislature", Clark said. He proceeded to reel off the names of the party's victorious candidates in battleground ridings.

"I was the house leader for the opposition and we worked together on making sure he got access in the legislature", Horgan said. "It is still focused on people tonight". He wants to see proportional representation and campaign financing reform. "A majority of British Columbians voted for a new government, and that's what they deserve". A dialogue about how we do things, what we should do, how we want to shape the future of our province.