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Coroner: Teen had healthy heart before caffeine

Davis Allen Cripe. Freeway Music Davis Allen Cripe. Freeway Music
Tobias Pedroso | 16 May, 2017, 03:14

A grieving father warns of the dangers of caffeine, after it's linked to the death of his teenaged son.

Cripe, who is from Chapin, collapsed at Spring Hill High School on April 26 and was later pronounced dead at a local hospital in Columbia, South Carolina, according to news station WLTX.

Watts officially ruled the cause of death as a caffeine-induced cardiac event.

"You can have five people line up and all of them do the exact same thing with him that day, drink more, and it may not have any type of effect on them at all", Watts said.

"I stand before you both as a broken-hearted father and hope that something good can come from this. They can be very risky". And teenagers and students, please stop buying them.

A 16-year-old SC boy who collapsed in a classroom at school and died last month had so much caffeine in two hours that it killed him, a medical examiner said Monday. "There's no reason to consume them they can be very risky".

While McDonald's doesn't now report the amount of caffeine in their coffee, Caffeine Informer estimated a large, 21-24-ounce McDonald's latte contains 178 milligrams of caffeine. "It's the, the amount and also the time frame in which these caffeinated beverages are consumed that can put you at risk, for anybody really, for your heart to start beating very, very rapidly and that could cause a sudden arrhythmia and in rare cases such as this can cause death".