Jueves, 21 Febrero, 2019

Google challenges Apple's Siri by opening digital assistant to iPhone

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Ramiro Mantilla | 18 May, 2017, 11:24

Google Assistant is powered by Google's robust AI smarts, is conversational and can easily be compared to the existing functions of Apple's Siri voice assistant. You will, however, have the option to add the Google Assistant widget in the notification shade. There is no hardware partner yet announced for it, although Google likely has some in mind.

First up, Google confirmed rumors and announced that Google Assistant is now available on iPhone. For instance, YouTube Go, which is now in beta in India, has a preview experience that lets users decide whether to spend data watching the video. That way you can, say, watch a YouTube or Netflix video or do a Duo chat, while sending an email.

Standalone virtual reality (VR) headsets are coming soon to Google Daydream through partnerships between Google and manufacturers like HTC and Lenovo. You can also display search results and online streaming content by asking Google to cast it on the TV via the Chromecast.

Google Photos will be able to suggest which photos to share and whom to share them with.

On Wednesday, at the 2017 Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View, CA, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the company is rethinking all of its products with a renewed focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

How many times were you not able to share a pic despite liking it just because it had some unnecessary things in it that you could not possibly remove?

Not so long ago the Google Assistant was exclusive to a handful of Google devices. For instance, if you point your phone at a restaurant, Google will give you the rating for it.

The future of Android will be a lot smarter, thanks to new programming tools that Google unveiled on Wednesday.

Pinterest has a similar tool. To demo the feature, a Google rep used the Google Assistant to order food from Panera, using her voice to place the order and paying for it with a fingerprint through Google Pay.

Google Assistant is also coming to smartphone cameras through a new feature dubbed Google Lens, likely making its debut with Android handsets, which Google boasted has now reached a total of two billion devices. Executives are also likely to detail plans for expanding the reach and capabilities of a voice-controlled digital assistant now available on some smartphones and an internet-connected speaker called Home.