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Android Go may come to India around Diwali

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Ramiro Mantilla | 19 May, 2017, 23:36

Even though Google has already released the preview version of Android O, the next version of Android, we were expecting some more information at I/O conference. With Google Assistant on the iPhone, the extent of most app integration ends at Google services like YouTube and Gmail. This technology has been made available to developers and researchers on the cloud, and Google doubled down with 1,000 units available for research organizations. Google Lens is a brand new effort from the company that brings AI and machine learning to recognise the surroundings. Developers can now build special Actions for this super-powered chatbot, which expands what the Assistant can do.

Attendees walk past an Android robot during the annual Google I/O developers conference in San Jose, California, US, May 18, 2017. The company is also bringing Google Home to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan while Assistant will be available for Android phones in Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, and Japanese. For now, this is a Play function and we can still sideload the applications in question, but with Google Play Services installed on virtually every Android device, one has to wonder - and worry - how long it'll be before such checks happen on-device instead of in-Play. All of this is tied together into an AI, and it's Google's newest platform. Another row offers direct access to recently-watched shows, targeting binge watchers who are looking to quickly jump to the next episode after turning on the TV set. Instead, Google treated the iPhone nearly as if it were another platform for its developers.

For the purposes of this guide, we're focusing on how Google Assistant on the iPhone compares to Siri on the iPhone. I've started using Google Assistant exclusively for creating shopping lists and have started creating shortcuts for the activities I do most.

Android isn't going away, clearly.

In addition to the redesign, Google is the first major supplier to announce full compatibility with Emoji 5.0, which means that new emojis announced weeks ago like the face of a vomiting guy, orange heart and dinosaurs are on the way.

My favorite, so far, is notification dots, which appear as a colored badge on top of app icons on the home screen when they have a notification to display.

"It would be a massive game changer", mobile developer Brandon John-Freso told me after he and his friends Googled the poorly publicised project. In their place are a generally more round set of emoticons.

"We are really starting to crack the hard computer challenge of conversationality", Huffman said.

Fluid Experiences is tuned to make some of the wonkier user interactions on Android easier for consumers to use and understand.

Android Go is basically a "skinny" version of Android "O," the next operating system from Google.

The smartphone, which allowed people to slip the chains of the desktop, first pushed Google in this direction.