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Brazil's Temer: 'I won't resign' amid corruption allegations

The Latest: Brazil president denies OK'ing bribe Brazil's Temer: 'I won't resign' amid corruption allegations
Cris De Lacerda | 19 May, 2017, 19:10

"I've always honored my name", he said. He also appears to condone Batista's actions to silence two judges overseeing a separate investigation into Batista's sprawling global empire. The allegation made in a Globo News report on Wednesday, May 17, represents a potentially significant blow to President Temer.

"If the recordings are confirmed, Temer would have to defend his mandate in multiple fronts: public pressure for his resignation, an impeachment proceeding in Congress and an investigation by the general prosecutor's office", Thomas Favaro, an associate director at consultancy firm Control Risks, told clients in note.

Temer said he would not resign.

Less than a year later, Brazil is gearing up for another presidential corruption scandal, this one focused on Michel Temer, Dilma's vice president before succeeding her.

If Temer resigns or is impeached, House of Representatives Speaker Rodrigo Maia will take over as acting President until the presidential election is called.

Authorities released photos of Loures receiving 500,000 reais from a JBS employee, though Loures denied any wrongdoing.

That's how Michel Temer began his address to the nation.

He is accused of having given his blessing to payments meant to keep the former speaker of the lower house, Eduardo Cunha, from spilling secrets while he is in prison for taking millions of dollars in bribes.

Temer allegedly told Batista: "You need to keep doing that, OK?" Instead, the veteran center-right politician - who took over past year with a promise to restore Brazil's stability after the impeachment of leftist president Dilma Rousseff - came out swinging. Globo did not say how it obtained the recording.

Rousseff was impeached previous year for breaking budgetary laws, but she and her supporters have accused Temer, her vice president, of orchestrating her ouster as part of a soft "coup" meant to halt the Car Wash investigation. "I demand an immediate investigation". The only plausible institutional alternative, he stressed, is to call for direct elections, but it has a problem, it would mean the endorsement of a constitutional amendment that should also be preceded by a political reform to avoid the problems of the current regulations, which reward economic power.

Demonstrators march carrying a banner that reads in Portuguese "Get out Temer and your reforms" in Sao Paulo on Thursday.

"The country is in a state of shock", Marina Silva, a former environment minister and presidential aspirant, said in a video posted on Facebook.

The allegations in O Globo, which is part of the most powerful media group in Latin America's biggest country, were a new shockwave from a corruption scandal tearing apart the country's political elite.

Justice Edson Fachin, who is overseeing cases related to the investigation of a $2 billion corruption scheme centred on state oil company Petrobras, approved the probe of the president's conduct.

Already a Who's Who of the elite has been imprisoned or placed under investigation. He is believed to have provided the tape implicating Temer to prosecutors last March.

She was found guilty by Congress of illegally manipulating the government's accounts to mask the depth of a painful recession.

Temer was Rousseff's former vice president and has been serving as interim President since her suspension in May 2016.

It remained unclear whether Temer's defiance will be enough, with cracks growing in the ruling coalition, which is centered on Temer's PMDB party and the PSDB Social Democrats, along with a coalition of smaller parties.

Well, since the scandal broke the news, it has been mayhem for Brazil's economy.

Mr. Temer has been trying to push through Congress unpopular overhauls to Brazil's insolvent pension system and to its complicated labor regulations. Brazilian federal police are searching the off.