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Demi Lovato: I'm really proud of Miley Cyrus

Demi Lovato at Los Angeles airport BACKGRID PERSISTENT The fan tried to keep going
Tobias Pedroso | 19 May, 2017, 22:39

Musician and the new face of Kate Hudson's Fabletics, Demi Lovato recently told The Hollywood Reporter that she's proud of Miley Cyrus' decision to become sober. "It helps to know that recovery is possible and it's something that is so important to certain people like myself".

The 24-year-old singer announced during an interview published earlier this month that she was three weeks clean from smoking the addictive drug.

Demi, who has previously been to rehab to get help for issues including eating problems and bipolar disorder, celebrated reaching five years of sobriety in March (17), when she took to her Instagram page to thank her fans for their support.

Meanwhile, with Cyrus' new record in the making, she expressed her plans of evolving without using drugs or alcohol. And I was noticing, it's not the people that are stoned.

She was speaking about Cyrus as well as Brad Pitt, who revealed to GQ Style that he, too, is now sober: "I wouldn't be alive without my sobriety, and the people that are sober today in this industry, I commend them a lot".

"I've got a lot of energy", she noted during the chat, adding: "Look at my eyes, look at how white they are". "I want to go more soulful, so we'll see what that ends up turning out like. I just decided not to (smoke marijuana) anymore and now it's easy for me", she proudly shared.