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Jharkhand: Four lynched to death over suspicion of kidnapping children

Six lynched over child abduction rumours Jharkhand: Three Muslim cattle traders lynched by mob over 'kid theft' rumours
Cris De Lacerda | 19 May, 2017, 19:09

Four persons were beaten to death in Jharkhand's Seraikela-Kharsawan district on Thursday on the suspicion of being child lifters, the police said. They were travelling in a group of four, and the fate of the fourth person is not known yet.

Reports said in East Singbhum district, three men were killed and a woman was injured after villagers dragged them out of a house and thrashed them in the open air amid rumors of kidnapping children.

Incidents took place at three places on Thursday. They stopped the auto around midnight and attacked the men but three of them managed to escape. There has been a spike in mob violence in the past few months across India, after self-appointed cow protectors gained legitimacy under certain indulgent state governments, to act as vigilantes and deliver mob justice to people they suspected as cattle smugglers. In the ensuing clash, five policemen were injured and the villagers torched two more vehicles.

"These are highly superstitious acts that can not be called communal", said East Singhbhum senior police superintendent of police, Anup T Mathew.

The official said when a police team reached the spot, agitated villagers started pelting stones at them, injuring some police personnel. "Though victims are Muslims, there is no communal colour to the incident", Kolhan DIG Prabhat Kumar said. "Villagers gripped by fear of child-lifters have committed the crime".