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Melania Trump announces first overseas trip as first lady

Tobias Pedroso | 19 May, 2017, 20:24

When he takes off on Friday, Trump will be 119 days into his first term, marking the latest first foreign trip in the past 50 years by a United States president. But if the president is looking for a reprieve, recent history indicates he might be disappointed. Trump faces a delicate task. After departing Friday on an overnight flight on Air Force One, Trump will hopscotch from Saudi Arabia to Israel to the Vatican.

In Saudi Arabia, people with knowledge of the planning for Trump's trip say the caterers are planning to offer the president steak and ketchup alongside the lamb and hefty portions of rice on the menu. The day trip marked the only time Trump has set foot in his wife's home country.

"What we don't know is which of these, the more intense solidarity Donald Trump or the more skeptical Donald Trump we're going to see", said Stephen Sestanovich, who was an ambassador at large for the former Soviet Union from 1997 to 2001.

While Middle East experts expect Trump to be warmly welcomed in Saudi Arabia and Israel, he could be received in Europe with some trepidation.

The official said Trump preferred to keep such conversations private, much as he did with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi recently when he obtained the release of an Egyptian-American humanitarian worker.

European will make a big push to convince Trump that they are not getting credit for all the things they are doing to contribute to the alliance. Article 5 says an attack against one ally is considered an attack against all allies.

One thing we're going to see is the first road test of what "American First" means on the global stage. The centerpiece of the president's visit to Brussels is now a tour of the new North Atlantic Treaty Organisation building, which will open in about a year. So far, in his interactions with world leaders, Trump has softened from more absolutist positions he had coming in: the shift on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, not tearing up NAFTA, deciding China isn't a currency manipulator after all, to name a few.

"President Trump understands that America First does not mean America alone, to the contrary", McMaster said.