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SNL Takes On Sean Spicer's Rough Week in the White House

SNL Fans Are Super Worried About Sean Spicer's Career Watch Melissa McCarthy Take Her Spicer Impression to the Streets on 'SNL'
Tobias Pedroso | 19 May, 2017, 20:00

McCarthy's Spicey was in and among the bushes outside the White House press room, then took over the podium from Sarah Huckabee Sanders before heading out into the streets of NYC. The Spicer would be back on SNL. "Boo-ya!:Let's do this!"

In the cold open, Alec Baldwin returned as President Trump in a take on a NBC Nightly News interview with Michael Che as host Lester Holt. As another reporter agrees and calls Spicer "bullish", McCarthy bursts into the room and sprays the reporter with a fire extinguisher. McCarthy reprised her role spoofing the White House press briefings, where she "put this whole Russian thing to bed once and for all".

"I know we think this every week, but this week was insane", says Colin Jost, in kicking off Weekend Update. "Because he TOLD us so!" "And they're going to prove it with a certified letter, which you know is the truth because it cost an extra $2 to have it certified". This week, it was all about the press secretary's special relationship with the president.

Failing to find Trump in New York City, Spicer finds solace in a suspicious chunk of gum on the sidewalk before turning to a sage doorman outside Trump Tower.

But you don't want to read this - you want to watch.

Has he been lying to Spicer?

To find out, McCarthy's dismayed Spicer took his moving lectern to the streets of NY to speak with Trump.

"I did. I fired him because of Russia", Trump told an incredulous Holt. He maintains that he won't fire Spicer, before playfully tickling him.

Finally, she found Baldwin's Trump playing with a toy in the Oval Office.

"Trump is innocent", she said.

"I don't think I can do this anymore, Mr. President", Spicer said.

Did Trump tape conversations with Comey?

"Is this like in Godfather when you kiss me and no one ever sees me again?"

"Only since you started working here", Trump's Baldwin responds before playfully tickling McCarthy's Spicer and asking for a kiss.