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Tayside GP practices affected by NHS cyber-attack running as normal

Cyber attack could spark lawsuits but not against Microsoft (MSFT) Cyber attack could spark lawsuits but not against Microsoft
Ramiro Mantilla | 19 May, 2017, 21:48

"'And also existing known infections can spread, we can't say what scale the new cases will occur at but it's likely there will be some".

"As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, there is simply no way for customers to protect themselves against threats unless they update their systems", BBC quoted Smith as saying.

BLOOD tests at hospitals across Mid Essex are "unavailable" after the NHS was hit by a cyber attack last week.

The Scottish Government confirmed there have been no further reported problems following the debilitating cyber attack which hit the NHS on Friday afternoon.

A global cyberattack second wave was awaited Monday morning as employees in about 150 countries went back to work braced for aftershocks of Friday's attack, being referred to as the worst "online extortion" ever.

The move followed the ransomware attack on NHS computer systems.

Speaking to ITV's "Peston on Sunday", Europol director Rob Wainwright said the attack was indiscriminate across the private and public sectors.

The virus is then able to encrypt files and block user access to them, displaying a pop-up window onscreen telling users they have been blocked and demanding payment.

However, the walk-in x-ray services for patients referred by their Global Positioning System will remain closed throughout Monday.

The bureau had raised its cyber security of critical infrastructure, government departments and key businesses, it added.

The health service has been rebuked for using the outdated Windows XP operating system to store digital information, despite security updates for the software having been discontinued by Microsoft.

The latest virus attack last week exploits a flaw in a version of Microsoft Windows first identified by USA intelligence.

Though a British security researcher "MalwareTech" managed to stop the spread of the virus, hackers have issued new versions that cybersecurity organisations are trying to counter.