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Three Girls wins praise for Rochdale abuse scandal portrayal

Maxine Peake BBBC IGNORED Sara Rowbotham played by Maxine Peake alerted the police
Tobias Pedroso | 19 May, 2017, 20:08

Maxine plays Sara Rowbotham, the whistleblower and sexual health worker in the true story of widespread grooming and sexual assault of girls and young women in Rochdale by a gang of Asian men, which was revealed in 2012.

The hard-hitting watch, which was made with full approval and co-operation of the victims involved in the case, stars the hugely talented Lesley Sharp, Maxine Peake, Jill Halfpenny and Lisa Riley - who on Thursday's Loose Women, got emotional as she discussed playing the role of Lorna Bowen- a mother of two of the victims.

Appearing as witnesses, Holly and Ruby were forced to relive their ordeals and were accused of lying by the defence teams who told them their abuse was a "lifestyle choice". Loose Women panellist Lisa Riley played the mother of Amber and Ruby and was nearly brought to tears while speaking about her role yesterday. We do a 12-hour shoot day, doing the scenes, but I would have Maggie to lean on and go, 'How do I cope? I feel confident our drama doesn't really give them much opportunity to do so. I got angry and I got more angry.

Lisa said: "And we were just sat there as actors going, "No we can't get upset, we can't get angry".

"Getting the justice out there, it was wonderful I was able to portray that", she added.

Molly Windsor, 19, and Liv Hill, 19, play Holly and Ruby in the controversial drama which runs for three consecutive nights on BBC One, starting on Tuesday, May 16.

"I believe senior police officers should be held accountable for failing to act", she said.

"I shouldn't have had to leave my job to get this out into the public domain, but when I was doing my job I tried for over a year".

Three Girls sheds light on the shameful lack of response from authorities who for years turned a blind eye to the abuse - out of ineptitude, lack of communication and fear of being branded racist.

Writing for HuffPost UK, chief executive Javed Khan of children's charity Barnardo's described Three Girls as "absolutely vital viewing".