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Trump says Russian Federation probe ´divides´ the country

FBI Director James B. Comey appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee May 3 in Washington FBI Director James B. Comey appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee May 3 in Washington
Eleena Tovar | 19 May, 2017, 23:04

Dick Durbin, D-Ill., who added that Rosensteil said he was not pressured to write the memo.

Most members of both parties, however, left the briefing saying they didn't learn much new.

He says he and Burr are planning to meet with Mueller early next week to talk about how to proceed. "I hope Former FBI Director Robert Mueller can be looked at as unbiased and his finding respected by all involved".

Graham said congressional committees and subcommittees will now find it hard to subpoena the records of somebody like former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn or to call former FBI Director James Comey to testify: "If I were Mr. Mueller, I would jealously guard the witness pool", Graham said. Democratic senators had been prepared to press him to appoint a special prosecutor, and his decision defused their complaints, leading to praise instead.

The congressman said "Former Director Mueller is a well-respected law enforcement professional who served the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a dozen years under both the Democratic and Republican presidents".

Graham said that the nature of Mueller's investigation has hurt the Senate's ability to call witnesses in their counter-intelligence probe.

"I think that opportunity has been lost, maybe for the greater good, but there are a lot of people in that room who were shocked that when a special counsel has been appointed, that Congress has limitations on what we can do".

"There's only so much firing you can do", Krauthammer said.

And Senator John Cornyn, who had been considered a contender for FBI director but removed himself from the running, said he believes senators are taking the investigation "enormously seriously".

"I think the vulnerability is that Mueller can take this anywhere he wants for as long as he wants and no one is in control except Mueller".

"If one thing is clear from the meeting it is that Mr. Mueller has broad and wide ranging authority to follow the facts wherever they go, and that gives me some confidence and should give American people some confidence". That's something that, perhaps inadvertently, Graham nodded to. "But we have to go back to running this country really, really well".

Democrats disagree. Virginia Sen. The remarks were made shortly after the Senate met with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. The four congressional committees are largely counterintelligence investigations focused on what role Russia played in the 2016 presidential election, that alleged Russian interference.

Asked outright whether he had asked Comey - as reported - to drop the investigation into the Russian Federation connections of his sacked national security advisor, Michael Flynn, Trump fired back: "No".

The meeting was proposed by Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of NY last week after Trump fired Comey.

Russian Federation has denied United States intelligence agencies' conclusion that it interfered in the election campaign to try to tilt the vote in Mr Trump's favour. "Mr. Rosenstein has done the right thing", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY said on the Senate floor.

"The need for former director Comey to come testify in public soon is as great as ever", said Chuck Schumer, the Senate's top Democrat.